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emergency preparedness essentials kit
emergency preparedness essentials kit

Essentials Kit


The Essential Kit comes with all the survival items that you will need in times of emergency.

Product Description

The Essentials Kit contains:

  • 1pc carry bag
  • 1pc emergency cord
  • 1pc wire saw
  • 2pc glow stick
  • 1pc mask
  • 1pc 5-in-1 emergency whistle
  • 1pack water-proof matches
  • 4pc emergency candles
  • 1roll duct tape
  • 1pc multi-knife with mini flashlight
  • 1pair gloves
  • 20 water purification tablets
  • 1pc waterproof poncho

Additional Information

Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 28 x 10 x 12.7 cm


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